Body Psychotherapy

Body psychotherapy works on the understanding that emotions, stresses, and life experiences aren’t just experienced in the mind, but are also felt and held in our bodies. By working with the body in psychotherapy, we can engage with our habitual behaviours and unconscious patterns, supporting change in a direct, powerful, and lasting way. 

As well as talking, a body psychotherapy session can include different ways of exploring what's going on for you. We might use movement, art materials, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, create dialogues with cushions or objects that represent people in your life, or use biodynamic massage, a type of bodywork that explores touch psychotherapeutically. Body psychotherapy sessions are different for everyone, and how we choose to work will depend on what feels right for us at that session. The intention is always to support you in your self-discovery, and your wishes about what suits you will be respected.

My work is based on humanistic and psycho-spiritual principles. I believe that individuals have the capacity and resources to find ways of resolving their difficulties, and that body psychotherapy helps people to reconnect with their power to self-heal. I see body psychotherapy as a collaborative process between my clients and me, and one that will inevitably change us both.

Our first session is an initial consultation, which gives us the opportunity to get to know one another and to see how we might work together. If you are interested, click below and get in touch.