• Do you ever feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed?

  • Do you have aches, pains or physical symptoms that get worse when you’re feeling low?

  • Would it be helpful to have regular contact with someone who listens, empathises, and supports the whole you - mind, body, and soul?

If so, then body psychotherapy could help you...



I’ve recently written a couple of articles. One is for Welldoing.org entitled 'Beyond Words: Working Non-Verbally in Psychotherapy’, which is a short piece about how I got into Body Psychotherapy and some of the reasons a person might seek it out as a client. I also discuss a couple of the methods I use in sessions. The second is a blog post for Healthunlocked.com called ‘What is body psychotherapy?’ Click below to have a read.



Body Psychotherapy

Find out about Body Psychotherapy and whether it may be right for you.


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