Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic massage is a type of bodywork that connects with people at both the physical and emotional level. Developed in the 1960s by Norwegian physiotherapist and psychologist Gerda Boyesen, it uses a wide range of techniques to work on the physical body – muscles, skin, and connective tissue – and the emotional body – how touch is felt, received and experienced energetically. I practised biodynamic massage as a complementary therapy for several years, and I now use it as a way of exploring in body psychotherapy.

Biodynamic psychology understands health to be the harmonisation of mind and body. Using empathetic touch, biodynamic massage supports the movement of energy through our bodies to support physical and emotional integration, wellbeing, and our natural ability to self-heal.


During a biodynamic massage, I pay close attention to the full range of your responses – changes in words, breathing, muscle tension, and even the sounds of the digestive system, which I listen to with a specialised stethoscope. The gut has long been seen to have a strong connection with our emotions, and the stethoscope gives us an extra piece of information about what's happening inside.

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